Dolphin Em Baker Catherine Morvell
Dolphin Em Baker Jarita Winslow
Dolphin Em Baker Catherine Morvell Zev Tropp


Alice- Catherine Morvell

Tina- Jarita Winslow

Jimmy- Zev Tropp

Jonathan- Scott Bingham


Director- Em Baker

Writer- Em Baker

Producer- Lauren Rose Beck

Featuring music by Go Get Mum

Associate producer- Stephen Hunter

Editor- Sarah Saw

Editing consultant- Ariel Shaw

Director of photography- Bernard Winter

1st assistant camera- Rudi Siira

2nd assistant camera- Sam Vella

1st assistant director- Sarah Burrial

Production designer- Lauren Jane Spark

Sound recordist- James Browning

Costume- Rosemary Loh

Hair- Madeline Frawley

Make-up- Amelia Lever

Production manager- Patrick Olekalns

Runners- George Macfarlane, Sophie Crane

Casting assistance- Eva Justine Torkkola, Jay Junior

Sound mix and design- Keith Thomas

Colourist and online editor- Ayden Crumpton

Animator- Juliet Miranda Rowe

Photographer- Lucas Worcester


11 min | 2019

A bisexual woman struggles with a crush on an oblivious straight friend visiting from America.

To be released 2019.

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